My Logo is an innovative startup that has developed the portal, mainly dedicated to Associations of every kind, with a particular focus on the Sporting and amateur-level Associations. The portal was launched in April 2018; it counts to today over 30 active associations, with a rate of constant growth. The project aims to sustain the Associations by helping them to generate economic resources in order to support their own activities, thanks to the intrinsic value of their own brand.

A concrete and practical tool to sustain Sporting Associations, Clubs, Musical Bands, Events and Manifestations and…

My Logo wants to concretely sustain a plurality of subjects, for most amateur, that need and seek for self-financing to support their own business; in this context, the marketing of their own merchandising may represent an important form of support but if managed in a traditional manner it involves significand issues (such as anticipated disbursement to purchase products, inventory management and storage, commercial and administrative issues, etc.).

Mylogo.Shop is the platform that allows associations and groups of all kinds to independently create an own store on which resell the personalized merchandising. The person representing the association or the group simply needs to open an account on, to choose the products, to customize them with its own logo or image, to define the selling price to the fans and finally to promote it. Mylogo.Shop takes care of all the rest and every sell will go into an own virtual “wallet” held by each association, which will be able to liquidate it later on in order to generate useful resources in support of its own business.

A project that talks about Passion with focus on FANS and SUPPORTERS.

Each of us, whether children or older people, cultivate in the heart a passion that can be manifested in endless ways; passion usually generates a kind of sense of belonging by means of which the fan or the supporter identifies with a logo. The logo of the team for which you are playing or you are just supporting, the logo of your musical group or favorite event. Our project really wants to allow everyone to nurture his/her passion, especially to fans and supporters of amateur realities. In which way? Thanks to many merchandising products available on stores expressly dedicated to Sports Associations, Clubs, Events and Manifestations. On, everyone can give free rein to his/her passion!

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